Inflation Proof

More and more people are interested about the price of gold, which is one of the few to increase each year, together with oil. The truth is that gold prices rise constantly as its intrinsic value is not affected by inflation and the financial crisis and the precious metal is one of the best saving methods. When you think about investing your money into something that will be just as valuable after a few decades, there are only a few alternatives available. Gold prices have been rising and those who were smart enough to gold spot or buy gold bullion coins are now considerably richer.

The price of gold is independent of currency devaluation and the demand is just as high as ever, regardless of the country you are living in. The spot gold price is fixed in London each day, just as it was for almost a century and five major banks are responsible for this operation. While Rothschild abdicated in 2004, the system is still strictly regulated and twice a day the gold price is dictated by telephone. This process has changed little in the last century, and the gold price has moved upwards slowly but steadily.

If you are a history buff you will find out that the same amount of gold could be spent for buying similar good 50 years ago, a thousand years ago as today. While the actual price of gold spiked, it retained its true value and when everyone loses money due to inflation, you will slowly increase your savings.

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