Artisanal Restaurant, a Cheese Lover's Paradise

My favorite restaurant is Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro, located at 2 Park Avenue in New York City. Artisanal serves up authentic French cuisine in a romantic setting. Because I have never been disappointed with my order, I usually like to try different entrees every time I go there. From time to time I can't resist getting the delicious duck bourguignon with chestnut pappardelle although I've ordered it many times before.

The great thing about the Artisanal restaurant is that in addition to delicious main course meals, they offer a variety of French cheeses. You can order a pot of cheese fondue or a cheese plate as an appetizer. Many people stop in just to share Artisanal's gourmet fondue. I love cheese and it's always exciting to try something that I can't buy at the local grocery store.

Artisanal is my go-to restaurants for any occasion whether it's a romantic date or an outing with a friend.

Before I leave, I always set my home security alarm from AllHomeSecurity and get ready to enjoy a great meal. With delicious dishes and a wide variety of cheeses, Artisanal never disappoints.

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

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