Can You Make it on your Own?

Many people refuse to believe that their success has to be tied to a company where they play an insignificant role, and their merits are seldom recognized. This attitude leads to opposite result, so the reason must rest not in the idea itself, but in the action one takes. SMC has been involved in both positive and negative endings, so it is interesting to see what role the company has played in both cases. Some people were seeing in SMC a partner, some an associate that will do all the work, and this is where the difference is being made.

SMC BBB reviews are positive and proclaim that the company is more than competent in handling all the requests that come from their customers and give satisfying solutions. Besides providing their partners with the quality products at discounted rates, they are also trying to address the indirect problems that appear. Most of them are solved easily, but some become irreconcilable and the clients demand their money back. This shouldn’t be a problem since SMC offers a 30-day cash back for their membership.

Specialty merchandise corporation BBB reviews point out that the disgruntled customers who claim that they didn’t get the money back were the ones who requested it too late or didn’t read the conditions at all. This brings us to the initial paragraph and clarifies to some extent, why some people are meant to succeed with some help from a partner such as SMC, while others are bound to fail due to lack of interest.


Clarissa said...

Greetings from Japan!
Just wanted to drop by to greet you a Happy Mothers Day,Mommy Umma!

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I'm glad to be back again here~in and out muna ako sa blogosphere..I miss u na^_^

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