Small and Accurate

The tiny finger pulse oximeter has replaced the bigger instruments used to measure both the pulse and blood oxygen saturation. The petite size is only one of the reasons these devices are so popular, with the accurate reading being the main cause, they revolutionized the industry in less than two decades. When they were first introduced by Nonin, doctors and patients alike were excited with the prospect of such a small and easy to use device, but were now completely convinced.

In only a few months, the finger pulse oximeter has scored high marks in terms of both accuracy, low power consumption and ease of use, so it was adopted as the new standard. The mass production was only a matter of time, and these versatile gadgets can be found in clinics worldwide. For the home users who didn’t know exactly how the finger pulse oximeter works and if it fits any finger, the information available on the internet was decisive.

Highly versatile, the finger pulse oximeter will accommodate any kind of finger, and the entire operation is automatic, with the user required only to switch it on and off. Running on simple batteries, it will last for years if you are the sole user, but in clinics, it can function continuously for 18 hours. That’s more than enough to help hundreds of patients determine the blood oxygen saturation of the pulse rate. Despite its fragile looks, the finger pulse oximeter is durable and will function just as well in any conditions.

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