Upgrade your Truck

Before you jump straight to conclusions and order online a tuner and accessories, you should do a little research and make sure you are not destroying your engine in the process. Increasing the diesel performance is an excellent achievement, but the fact it was limited to the manufacturer at your current level should give you a few pointers. There are many upgrades available on the market that will deliver the extra horsepower and torque that you dream of, but some prices are too high to be paid.

The best tuners will provide you with better injection timing, extra RPM range and boosted control and at the same time maintain the EGT at safe levels. Enhanced diesel performance is the direct result of faster processing speed, which will enable you to overtake fellow truckers both on and off-road without breaking a sweat. A tuner is just as good as the software behind it and that is why you should not focus entirely on the figures stating the increase in horsepower, but also the ability to protect the engine.

You don’t need the same power all the time and that’s why some manufacturers have developed electronic performance tuners that come with different power levels. You can shift right away from the casual, smooth standard rate of the diesel, to an increasingly demanding level that will enable you to speed past slower vehicles. Control is everything and trucks is shining examples of how some small and intelligent gadgets can boost the diesel performance.

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