Keep all the Family Safe

When you have kids and you know that they spend a lot of time online, it is important to install an antivirus software that can deliver more than a virus protection. Although this is its main function and is performing it flawlessly, the software should be equally adept in providing the adequate protection against spam, phishing and enable parental control. Instead of denying them access online, you should simply monitor their activity and impose restrictions if they are needed.

Such an anti-virus with parental control capabilities will enable you to check on the kids’ activity online from your iPhone, laptop or desktop PC. Remember that you are just as vulnerable to the online threats if you don't pay enough attention to what information you are submitting. Phishing is a very serious threat, and the virtual criminals have developed new and more insidious methods to catch you off-guard. One moment of negligence is enough for them to get hold of your sensitive information and use it against you.

Having said that, even the more careful users will be tired of the relentless assault coming from all these sources and that's why it is important for the antivirus software to offer some kind of protection against spam. The internet is full of this junk, and it is great to be able to repel these deluges of spam automatically. Junk emails are not the only things that are trying to break in, with hackers using the wireless networks to infiltrate, so make sure that the product you'll wind up buying is protected by a firewall.

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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

we cannot control the kids right now because theyy're born with all this high technology. good thing there some software that can help parents to monitor their activities online