What will the Future Bring?

If we’d be capable of predicting the future, there would be no limitations to what we could do and everyone has his own idea of how this power would be better used. For the time being, we are struggling to make the most of what is happening around us as we speak, with the present being a tall order itself. Still, for the ones who are interested in learning what the future might bring, PredictsThat will lend a helping hand.

What the sites strive to achieve is building a community of people who are ready to debate about the future and even come up with their own predictions. Depending on your area of interest, you could be more attracted by what a category of users predicts and will prefer to follow them, mostly. This is made possible by PredictsThat, which uses a platform that empowers registered users to track each prediction made by another user with the same status.

You are not limited to reading the prediction, but can make comments, powerful observations and even predict something different on the same topic. With the future waiting to be written, it comes as no surprise that all these predictions will capture the attention of a huge crowd. Everyone has something to say about the future and even though some of the things we predict are too far away to find out if they will become reality or not, the game itself is very entertaining and will keep visitors wired for a long time.

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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

mao na gina ingon tsang na what will be will be hehe or follow sa akong motto come what may haha