Smart Insulation

Most of the time we invest a lot of effort in preventing the cold from breaking in, and we try to insulate our homes against the freezing temperatures. With cryogenic supplies, the opposite approach becomes the rule, and the goal is to prevent the warm air from infiltrating the canisters and compromising the sample. This is not your regular portable freezer that you carry around at picnics and other festive events, and the consequences of failure would be terrible.

Scientists work on samples and try to determine if their experiments are advancing into the right direction, but sometimes they need the opinion of fellow experts. This is where the cryogenic supplies kick in and make it possible to relocate a critical substance, without altering its composition or form. The delicate content can be ruined if exposed to warm air for even a couple of minutes, which used to pose a real problem when long distance transfers were required.

By acquiring cryogenic supplies from a reputable manufacturer, distance is no longer of the essence, as the recipients are capable of preserving the adequate temperature almost indefinitely. Responsible for this amazing process of cooling everything down is the liquid nitrogen which can freeze up virtually every substance known to men. These containers have different sizes, depending on what needs to be moved out, and it’s important to have the perfect match, in order to maximize the results. It is essential to make the distinction between cryogenic supplies used for transporting, and the ones used for storing samples.

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