Tenacity is All that Takes

Talent is sometimes inherited and to this respect, Cory Gunz can serve as an excellent model as he is a proud successor of Peter in the music industry. One of the rappers who grew from relative obscurity to fame virtually overnight, Cory Gunz is now an established artist, even though he is just 24 years old.

As he climbed the career ladder and became a well-known name among rappers, he made a smart choice by signing with Young Money Entertainment. This company seems to have chosen its name correctly as it is a lucrative venture which can help its partners extract the most from their talent. Instead of dwelling on his surprising success, Cory Gunz has become even more involved in the music industry and expanded his area of activity.

MTV has a genuine interest in young and promising rappers and since Cory Gunz fits this profile to the letter, it was only natural to invite him to join them in a TV show. “Sun of a Gun” is a catchy name for a show that has Cory as the star, and it has a lot of traction these days, even among those who are not necessarily big fans of rap.


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

maayo pa si lola always busy bee with moolah thingy hehe, sensya na tsang now lng naka visit, hirap to keep up with things and manage time haaay life. where mo mag thanksgivibg tsng, fine naka? hope hope all is well. kiss to koala

Dhemz said...

halo sistah...mustamos! hope all is well...I sent you an email...thanks kau sa pinaskuhan...mura man sad ug maninay...ehehhe...joke! bitaw, na surprise lang ko...thanks kau...mwahness!