The Cornerstone of Addiction Treatment

The reason those who choose Delray Recovery Center as the place where redemption starts to get better soon is that they are not treated like simple patients. No blame is placed and they receive more than medical assistance, with a holistic approach being proven to deliver vastly superior results. While the effects of substance abuse are addressed, so are the underlying causes because the goal is to provide sustainable lifelong recovery.
Only by looking into the causes that led to addiction and mending the body at the same time as the soul, people can be freed from this self-destructive habit. An alcohol and drug rehab needs to recreate an environment where those suffering from addiction will not feel disconnected, and this is why families are an integrated part of the healing process. By interacting with those close to them, those battling alcohol and drug abuse will get the impetus to push forward and will never feel abandoned.
The caring staff does a great job in accomplishing this goal and while they provide the medical treatment that is so important, also offer physiological support. Group counseling sessions, workshops, and seminars are included so that the recovery process is faster and more durable.

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