Keep the Social Contract Fair

The moment we go to an interview and are accepted for a job, we are basically trading our time for money, but this is a social contract that is essential for the well-being of society. Few are the ones who can honestly say that they are working in a place that they love, and are anxious to wake up in the morning and start a brand-new day. For the vast majority of employees, a job represents an anchor of security and the way of earning the daily bread while putting their skills to work.

The notion of a social contract implies the fact that both parties have rights and obligations, which means that the employees are by no means inferior to their bosses. Sometimes the latter abuse their position and instead of sticking to the letter and spirit of the contract, act in a discretionary manner. They are basing their actions on the conviction that employees are powerless and simply too frightened to fight back. This is where employment lawyers come in handy as they represent the disadvantaged party.

Workers and managers are just as entitled to contact employment lawyers and hire them when they feel that the intervention of these experts is needed for keeping the social contract fair. Wrongful dismissals, discrimination at the office or poor workplace safety conditions are just a few of the issues that would require the expert advice of lawyers. There are always legal approaches that one can use when his rights are infringed and when properly employed, they can restore order and fairness.

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