Spice up your Exercise: Go Ride a Bike

I notice one of the least favorable thing while exercising in the gym is the boredom factor that I easily feel once I started working out. Particularly on the treadmill or stationary bicycle that's why they put a big TV screen in front of it to dull our mind.

At this time, I am so addicted in playing the Wii sports but still I am contemplating of spicing up my daily routine of exercise by doing cycling which is more challenging and lots of fun. I believe riding on a bike is exciting in different ways for different people but I am more interested in the benefits of my health.

Realizing today where a lot of people are beleaguered by numerous disease, to keep fit is necessary and exercise is a must. With a proper exercise, we can continue to maintain our body to become fit and sound away from any illness.

Therefore, I started searching for an exercise gears like biking shorts as well as the bike shoes to prepare myself in gearing up the neighborhood. I've done a lot of research in purchasing a mountain bike or a comfortable bike and this weekend I plan on purchasing the first bike I'm going to use.

Still if I take this biking thing as a hobby at least it will gives me more pleasure as well as time to keep fit. I understand that it is more difficult for us to spend more time in working out on a daily basis. Perhaps its about time to get my toddler a new bike for kids so I can him bring along with me while doing my new found hobby. After all, riding a bicycle can create a new enjoyment while relaxing after a long hours of working.


amiable amy said...

Girl, its been a long time na jud na wala ko bike oyy. I love it but, I don't have the chance. I hope I can enjoy that activity one day.

sheila said...

I go to the YMCA everyday to workout at 5 am - I HAVE to bring my IPOD, a couple magazines and water - if I don't have these things it's hard to make it through a workout. The Y that I go to is also constantly upgrading, they recently added TVs to all of the treadmills, stairmasters, and bikes - it makes it so much easier to workout. I bought a bike last year because I wanted to do something outside, someone stole it.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

tagal ko ng di nakapag exercise...gusto kong mag biking sa summer ^_^

iceah said...

I love biking ever since I was little and it truly is a fun exercise c:

by the way here's what we did for mother's day c:


David Funk said...

It is that time of year where I see many out on bikes. I personally don't own one, but I used to bike around my neighborhood a lot.

Like Sheila, I workout at the YMCA although not in the morning time. I just don't like it when they play that elevator music because I need to stay pumped up on music instead of putting me to sleep. Music is important for me during workouts.

Nice post and very well put as always!:)

Beth said...

i love to bike! i love the rush of wind on my face not to mention the health benefits it gives us! :)

nath said...

the picture was great...;) but more I saw.. more headache hahhahhaha.....
do you feel the same??
btw I love bike too :)see ya!

kikamz said...

oh yes, biking has lots of benefits. too bad i don't know how to ride one. hubby tried teaching me in 2007 but then we had to stop coy we found out that i was pregnant with samantha a few days after. hehe! kaya ngayon, di pa rin marunong! cguro hanggang sa gym biking na lang ako. LOL!