Scents that Last Longer

D id you ever get curious on how to prolong the scent of your fave perfume that will last for longer period of time? It is expected that the initial sprays of fragrance can only sustain up to 3 hours or even more shorter if the weather is colder outside.

But tropic or humid weather condition could really create your scent more bolder. However, you can make your perfume scent last longer by working the scent with the creams and lotions coordination. Plus the smell of your shampoo could be one added factor too. Therefore, if you are outside snuffling for a new smell of scent, make sure to search for a new whole package.


kikamz said...

i agree umms, you can get the scent to last longer by mixing it in with the creams. ako, after i take a shower, i put on lotion while my skin is still a little damp. then spray on my favorite scent while moist pa ang lotion. hehehe! btw, i have an award for you: Favorite Blog Award. Hope you can grab it if you have time. Hugs to you and YL!

Umz {^o^} said...

Hi Kamz.. thanks for dropping by and tagging me new award. I already posted it here.

Umz {^o^} said...

hello sistah.. thanks for dropping by..
will check your site later to respond to your novena here hahhaa.

Umz {^o^} said...

hello Mommy Rose, I thought you love collecting shoes and bags as women normally do? but its ok.. I guess, everyone of us has its own fascination to some particular things.
Thanks for dropping by.

Clarissa said...

I love perfumes!!\(^0^)/

Cecile said...

i love perfumes, too!

thanks for sharing this post, dear Umz. musta na diay ka?