Benefits of Breast Feeding and the Cost Savings of Store Brand Formula

I remember the moment I positively confirmed I was pregnant, I began to engage in more obligated things. So we initiated in shopping around the top-quality crib while made plans on how to beautify the baby's room at the same time investing in all sort of conveniences and gizmos.

I guess, these reasons concluded why baby business is booming and considered as a multi-billion dollar industry in the whole world. It is understandable that most parents, new and old alike come to believe that money is not an issue when they think about the welfare of their kid. Regardless of what is your financial status, pinching pennies is the least you could think whenever the subject of interest is about the life of your treasured child.

So when our precious baby arrived in this world, all we could give was our utmost attention and all the expensive stuffs that we could purchased particularly the baby formula.

I understand that there's no replacement for a mother's milk because it is the best source of nutrition for our babies and as a matter of fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledged it as the gold standard in baby's nourishment. I was planning to breastfeed my baby but circumstances didn't permit me to do it because my milk supply wasn't enough so we need to get an alternate formula which is expensive.

But by then, I was clueless about the benefits of Store-brand formulas that are actually available in major retailer stores like Target, Walmart, Sam's Club CVS, Kroger and Walgreens. Perhaps I was more focus on brand-name formulas and simply overlooked the advantage of Parent's Choice Infant Formula specifically when it comes to cost savings. So I tried to do my research and found out that infant formulas whether it is a brand named or store brands are in fact in accordance with the same strict FDA rules and procedures. Thus, there is a significant price difference of 50% less compare to brand named formulas.

Now, I realized how much we were supposedly be saving per month after I checked their Parent's Choice $avings Calculator. We could have spend less and save up to $600 a year if we chose a store brand formula instead. Anyway, this is actually one lesson I've learned of being a first time mom, but for sure when the second baby will arrive, I will not hesitate to use the retailer's brand formula for our baby.

Overall, If one parent will opt to add formula supplement aside from mother’s milk, they should not have to pay too much for the formula. The reason why the retailer's brand formula are comparatively lower in price because they are not distributed as free formulas to any health facilities or hospitals.


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ryaninnc said...

I couldn't agree with you more! My wife and I went through the same thing...all she ever considered doing was breast feeding, and then when she couldn't we started with the national brands. I had no idea it would get that expensive. I had no idea there was a store brand option AND most importantly, I had NO idea that option would give my kids the same nutritional ingredients for half the price.

My kids are thriving and I couldn't be happier with the whole thing. Parents need to know the options that are out there for them. It doesn't have to break the bank!