Blogger Buddy Award

I got this award from Meryl , one of the newest friend I found from the blogworld. She is pretty and one smart lady. I frequented to her blog because she always post reviews about restaurants and food. And since our family loves to pig out, I find it interesting to read her reviews for different restaurants and places.

So if you love food just like me, you can check out her site which has full of witty information you can learn from.

Cecile also tagged me for this one..Thank you so much Ces for always remembering me. You are such a sweet lady.

Im passing this award to Mareng Niko, Cecile, Dhemz sistah, Amy, KittyKat, Mummy Gwen, Mareng Liz, Dhangz Madz, Ghie ganda, Pehpot, G.O.D., Manang Kim, Kikamz, Beth , Chubskulit, Enchie, Iceah, and to all my blogger friends out there.


Vicky said...

Hi congratulation for your award... hope you will be more success...

Dhemz said...

woi naman diay ko award dire sistah..salamat sa pag apil sa akong ngan blogger buddy...hehhehe! musta ang day nato diha sistah? I have missed you..wala ko kadungog sa imo the other day...hehehe..absent ko last night kay wako sa mood..nag sayo ko ug tog....hahahha!

Clarissa said...

Congratulations,Mommy Umma!Yu deserve this award!Masarap isipin na maraming nagmamahal sa yo na kaibigan mo!^_^