SeaWorld's Manta Roller Opens May 22

A musement parks have transformed a lot to a highest degree ever since I was a kid. Not to mention the rides and attractions are very much more advanced, yet there are great ways to enhance your experience.

If you are lucky to have the chance in visiting the Seaworld Orlando on summertime I guess, you will have a great deal that awaits you when you come and see the Seaworld. The SeaWorld Orlando has declared the opening day of Manta roller coaster that falls on Friday, May 22, 2009 .

One of the main attraction about Manta will be its trains, which are molded like Manta ray with wings extended over 12 feet. The Manta is a flying, inverted roller coaster, where you will be secured with a strap in an upright position and then the coaster will move the riders into the lying face downward position.

The riders will be raised along the tracks, bringing a journey across the whole park adding a trip through a vast aquarium, filled with sea animals like the sea horses and manta rays. Anticipate that you will get a little wet from this experience regardless you are the rider or the looker.

Go visit www.ridemanta.com and check out the "Participate and Win" section and feel free to take part on all the six activities featured on their site so you can get the chance to avail your own "Front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.



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