Braid your Way to Exciting Hair Style

A ll this time, I thought braids are only for kids.. not anymore! The fresh look for the summer are the new different braid styles as what can you see among celebrities sporting this elegant look. It is great either for casual event or a fancy gathering.

I guess these modern braid hairdo are the expression of likeness from the history, but they are veering to be the recent new fashion for this year.

Braided hair is a sophisticated look that incorporates your whole hair, not just the ends. It's also artistically beautiful, and can be intimidating to try at first, but is really much easier to execute than you'd expect.

I love the way it looks to Drew Barrymore that showed off the intricate Grecian style hairdo - an updo, its really simple yet tasteful. Since braids are making waves on and off the red carpet, here's how to rope the latest trend into your look this summer.
Drew Barrymore
Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba


amiable amy said...

They look so adorable kay mga gwapa naman daan girl oy. Stylish kaayo no? Ako ani, taman rako Pocahontas style...waaa...LOL! Bitaw, nice post as usual. Bow jud ko pirmi. SALAMAT sa pagtabang sa akoa gahapon ha? La pa reply hehehe.

Joops said...

I like J. Albay style!

chubskulit said...

Mahilig ako dati magbraid ng buhok but now that I have kids, wa na time wahhhhhhhh.. (kasi lagi nasa blogging eh lol).. Musta na mommy nans?

Monica said...

Jessica Alba looks so sweet! ;-)

niko said...

kita ko na naman jen aniston.. love her. i wonder baket di tumatanda muka nia noh??? 40 yo na sya pero di halata. :)

i love drew's photo here..sa sobrang gusto ko outfit and shoes nia nipost ko yan noon mare heheh :)

Dhemz said...

hahaha..namuot ko sa comment ni Ate Amy...hehehe...ako pony tail lang ko taman...ehhehe...baga man jud akong buhok sistah woi...ika duhaon man!

woi sistah kung sexy and gwafa....musta naman tawon ka...miss to be here jud sistah...finally naka balik nako sa blogland..wala na hilanti akong lappy...:)

asa man mo ang bonding atong weekend sistah?

kami atong saturday, nag adto mi sa IMAX kuyog namo akong FIL..tapos Sunday nag attend me ug children's bday party.

Musta ang weather diha sistah? dire tawon no kay 3 digits...as in..makaluya kaayo ang kainit dire...:)

hapit lang ko dire kadali sistah....just to say hello...hope all is well..mwah! miss you

Anonymous said...

omg :D Jessica albas style is cute! She has a pug! ;p so do i!!!