The Convenient, Cheap Movie Online Rental

F riday night is definitely a movie night for our small family ever since we got married. Either we decided to watch movie in a theater or we just dwell at home just watching videos we rented from Blockbuster. Since me and hubby are all considered movie buff, it is already customary to watch movies every week.

And I like the BLOCKBUSTER online idea because it is more cheaper and easier unlike the traditional video stores in our local area. Earlier in time, we used to be a member from one of the video store nearby our place and too often, we experienced paying late fees which I believe so unreasonable.

For that reason, we signed up for the Blockbuster online which is a wise choice since we were freed from the senseless late fee we incurred once we were late in returning the videos. But now, we worry less knowing that we can just return the disc by mail or you can just drop it off to any of the local BLOCKBUSTER store and exchange for a new movie on the spot!

What's good thing about BLOCKBUSTER, it offers new releases and classic DVD’s online and in-store 7 days a week. Even if you rent for a Blu-ray video, BLOCKBUSTER does not charge you extra for Blu-ray Discs like other video stores.

So we took the movie, walked home, watched it, and walked back to return it. No more hassles if you unintentionally forgot to return the disc by next day. Therefore, we've been renting a lot of movies from online recently because of the convenience and economical service like this.



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

oh i love to watch movies!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Have you tried Netflix? I love em!

Seiko said...

Wise choice!Hindi lang convinience,economical pa lalo na sa katulad nating mahilig sa movies...wala bang tagalog movies?

amiable amy said...

Hello ganda, musta na? Busy pa rin ba? Okay na ba health mo? Sana lang. Miss your visit na kasi.

Anyway, good evening and enjoy the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

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