Quick Start to Keep you Healthy

J ust thinking about the ways to make yourself healthy cause you to get sick? Certainly, you can set aside some five minutes of your time from here and there, isn't it?

Anyway, below are the 5 ways to get you on the right track for having a good health.

Dump the drugs
Check thoroughly you med cabinets and throw all your expired medicines. Medications are not as effective as they are after their expiration.

Move it
You've probably heard a few ways to squeeze in more activity throughout the day like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking around your office for a few minutes when you can.

Exercise your brain
Research shows working out your brain can make you sharper and could also reduce the risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Start a little Sudoku or a crossword puzzle after dinner or during your lunch break - you can always finish it later.

Stretch as you shower
It's the perfect place, really. The hot water helps loosen up your muscles so you can get a good stretch. Stretch your hamstrings, quads, and arms. Maybe do a few shoulder rolls as you shampoo! You'll feel less tension as you start your day.

Take a breather
Grab a quick minute to just close your eyes and focus on your breath. Count to 10 as you slowly inhale through your nose, thinking positive thoughts. Exhale through your mouth, again counting to 10. This time release all the tension and stress out of your body. Repeat if you have a few more seconds.


Seiko said...

Thanks for the sharing mommy,actually hindi na nga ako nakakapaglakad hinihingal ako agad konting lakad lang.And I have a very hectic shed here so no time for stretching while in the shower room.And most of all...this is really really good...excercise your brain...naglalapse na nga ang memory ko,maybe I should try this...

ghieGANDA said...

so true. deep breathing really does help release stress.. hehe..

how r u mommy ums? never heard much from u. heheh.. ako eto nagcacatch up. 3 days kasing d nakapagbloghop dahil sa aking ivt training. hehe.. how's YL btw? =)

Manang Kim said...

Be careful when you do the stretching baka madulas diba hehe.

I am doing this for a week now after I got up I immediately when outside and take at least 5 long deep breath. SAbi nila it is good to lower your blood pressure.

Clarissa said...

what a coincidence!!napanood ko sa TV kahapon for some excersises for the brain.Thanks for sharing this!