Before - You take my breath away
After - I feel like I’m suffocating
Before - Twice a night
After - Once a month
Before - She says she loves the way I take control of the situation
After - She called me a controlling, manipulative egomaniac

Before - He makes me feel like a million dollars
After - If I had a dime for every stupid thing he’s done…
Before - Don’t stop
After - Don’t start
Before - The Sound of Music
After - The Sound of Silence
Before - Is that all you’re having?
After - Maybe you should just have a salad, honey.

Before- Its like I’m in a dream
After - Its like he’s in a dorm
Before - $60/dozen
After - $1.50/stem
Before - Turbo charged
After - Jump start
Before - We agree on everything!
After - Doesn’t she have a mind of her own?
Before - Victoria’s Secret
After - Fruit of the Loom

Before - Feathers and Handcuffs
After - Ball and Chain
Before - Idol
After - Idle
Before - I love a woman with curves
After - I never said you were fat

Before- He’s completely lost without me
After - Why won’t he ever ask for directions?
Before - Time stood still
After - This relationship is going nowhere
Before - Croissant and cappuccino
After - Bagel and instant
Before - Blind
After - Nearsighted
Before - You look so seductive in black
After - Your clothes are so depressing

Before - Oysters
After - Fish sticks
Before - I can hardly believe we found each other
After -I can’t believe I ended up with someone like you
Before - Passion
After - Ration
Before - Once upon a time
After - The End

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So funny naman neto, I love all of it..Hehehe!

this is a funny post..
lalo na yung..

Before - You look so seductive in black
After - Your clothes are so depressing
Hehe.nice post.

ROFLMAO...WOW, that is so right on...

Hilarious and so true :)

wahahhaa....funny yet some of them are true in my opinion..hahaha...joker man gid ning akong pretty sistah woi...may sense of humor man gid...hehehe!

woi sistah..pelde man atong manok sa AI woi...sos, na dismay man gid mi ni banana...saon man si Kris man ang ni daug...hahaha...:)

ingon si banana..tan-awon lang daw kung kinsa ang pinaka daghan ug sold out nga album...ehhehe...kay mopalit pa kuno sya sa album ni adam kay kang Kris...hahha....joker!

musta na ka diha sistah? d na kita masyado nakita sa blog land...hehehe...busy ka ba diha?

woi sa walmart ko lang to napalit ang pool ni Akesha sistah kay barato lang man sa walmart...ehhehe!

try mo daw itong link sistah

d man ni makalumos kay mabaw man kaayo ang tubig...mag enjoy si YL ani ug basa basa...hehehhe!

Aw! is it true? hmmmmnnnn... sad but true :P but the love is still there, the same shape, the same color, the same depth (it could even be deeper).

eeeeeee! true true true! hahah. saket sa tyan nmn nitong list mo mare! :)

hahaha so funny naku parang lahat ata totoo makes the world go round!!

hahahaa!!funny but true!!kahit itanong mo pa sa asawa ko lol!