A Luxury Watch for our Anniversary

M y hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary soon and I realized that the common gift recommendations can only give you a little bit more of confusion. The tradition of gift giving for wedding anniversary can be drawn back to the Middle ages where it was believed that stableness was being developed in a union with each passing year. Hence gifts constitute that constancy ought to be acknowledged to celebrate the marriage.

Last year anniversary I gave him a golf set which he really adored because he is into golfing as a hobby in the recent past. Therefore, this time I want a gift with a modern twist, I am leaning with the idea of purchasing a new watch for him since I noticed he is not keen about luxury watches or gadgets. I guess a Tag Heuer ,
a Cartier or a Movado watch makes a fantastic gift for hubby this time, particularly he
doesn't usually wear any adornments otherwise his wedding band. These are the three watches that can be safely given to him because he likes these designer brands.

Further, aside from that watch that I've mentioned, I am contemplating to bring him to the place where we experienced our first kiss :) at the same time, show him the box full of our memories. I supposed I picked the suitable presents, or should I try more harder?


niko said...

aw!! bring him there mare ko!! :) i have to know where is that magical place hehehe :)

i agree about the watches.. buy him the grandest that he deserves! :) loves na loves ka ni D noh! :) and i know u love him to high heavens! heheh

for printing na ung banner mare ko!! aw am so excited to see it. il capture it later and will post it! thanks a lot mare ko ha! how i wish dalawa kau ni liz na mkkta ko on monday.. weeeee. i know soon we will meet naman! mwah mwah mwah

Seiko said...

Oh!How sweet!!
I guess Cartier is the best 'though its too expensive!
Btw,hindi ko pa na arrange ang new template ko,my asthma attacks again & I need to take some rest & so I did,but I'll do it the soonest.Thanks for keeping in touch!Take care!
Happy Anniverssary to both of you!Wish you happiness!Congrats!