Do your Nails Turned Yellowish?

A re you wondering why your nails turned yellowish? One good friend of mine had experienced this awkward predicament because of her using all the chic nail polish colors and been painting her nails without using a base coat. And you know what's next to happen right? Yeah, she ended up with yellowish nails. You will encounter this too if you dont pay attention to the advice and making sure to use a base coat.

These are the tips that I found from the web in case your nails turned yellowish.

You have some alternatives:
1. Buff your nails - with a 4 way buffer and some oil (Solar Oil is great, but open your cabinets - olive oil is really my favorite). This will take off the top layer of your nails though, so if your nails are weak, this isn’t a great option.

2. Bleach your nails - use a lemon cut in half, and swoosh your nails around in it and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Another alternative is to soak them for a bit in some hydrogen peroxide. These are a little harsh, so if your nails are peely and dry, this is not a good option.

3. Paint them until the yellow grows out - and be sure and use base coat!!

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