Dog Lovers Gift Ideas

I f you are following my post here, you could see that our family has a passion for dogs. For now, we have a pug that we named "sleepy" and I could vouch that one great thing of owning a dog is how your pet can take your active schedule to slow down and create some spare time for fun activity.

Our "sleepy" just love the outdoors or going out for a romp, regardless the weather outside is not ideally perfect to walk around. But I know, it creates good effect on us to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air while getting a little bit of workout.

I normally put a dog leash on her while taking our long walks in the park because too often she could be playing boisterously or run fairly fast that I couldn't chase him. But sometimes, she can experience a good workout from a game fetch or tug with her favorite toy that we recently bought for her.

But aside from that, we often take care of her grooming as we believe it is a significant part of our dog's health aside from giving her nutritious food and warm bedding. So with veritable combing and brushing, it actually helps remove the dead hair and dirt to keep away from matting.

Since our pug is a seasonal massive shredder, it is essential to get her grooming done with firm bristle brush and comb. And in regular basis, we clean the wrinkles on her face and forehead making certain that she is completely dry and warm afterwards. We realized through this routine, is one alternative source of showing our affection and attention to her.

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kikamz said...

i miss our dogs way back in pinas. it is just so expensive to get a pet when you live abroad and pets are also not allowed in our apartment. lucky for you, you have a pug. they are great loyal companions and are good de-stressers.