I acknowledged that I have an excessive devotion with regards to S-H-O-E-S. It gives me a huge impact when it comes to self esteem. Every time I'm dress up, I feel confident that imparts a lovable, sexy gleams that normally hubby reacts to.

From my viewpoint, dressing in a certain manner is not all about forcing myself into revealing getups but its entirely about feeling great. I love to be stylish and I believe most women realize that. I recognized my sense of fashion when I was in college when I thought clothes are one alternatives to communicate for yourself.

Anyway, I bought this shoes from BCBG recently and I love the hemp detail that really makes these shoe. Since summer has officially started, these pair will look great in jeans and Maxi dress. The fit is perfect and the platform gives wearing high heel comfortable than you anticipate while the sunflower yellow looks fun. Another collection to my closet.

7 Say Something:

I love the color and I like the height of the heel. Other word LOVE IT!!

Yap,they're perfect on you,Mommy Umma!!\(^0^)/

suddenly i remember ghie's yellow sandals.. its super nice to the eyes.. love looking at this one! perfect tlga.

am sick mare, tummyache again. i wasnt able to report to work today. am at home. surprisingly i have fast connection with my wireless ha! i wil be going to a doctor after an hour.

yobib called and he said hes stuck with work. he wishes to come home soon but if worst things happen with work he might be home daw on friday pa. lalo ata sumasakit tyan ko huhuhu

how are u? miss u mare ko!

I love every detail of the shoes, Umma. Wish available pd na diri, haha. I'm pretty sure you will look good on this - pero always man jud oi. It's really nice

tama c mommy niks dear. hehhe.. naalala ko din ung shoes ko upon seeing this pic. heehe.. cute. naku adik din ako sa shoes. d ko alam baket. kasi cguro beautiful shoes bring you to beautiful places.. heheh..

kumusta ka na now mommy ums? =)

oh my! pareho pala tayo ng hilig mommy umma...weakness ko talaga yung mga shoes and sandals na super high yong heels....hay naku! so lovely!

i love this pair Ums! I love the height and the details. I always love wearing crisscross bands of leather or materials on my feet. They make any women's feet look sexy! :)