Experience the Chicago Style Hotdog

I 've been wishing to get out and experience or live through Chicago, but simply I am not satisfy by just eating Chicago food but I desired to feel Chicago. Therefore, we tried the famous Portillo's HotDog in Buena Park, CA one weekend.

The foremost thing that caught my attention was the ambiance of the place inside. Struck by their menu, I grabbed the Italian Beef special with fries as served with an utterly baked French baguette together with sweet or hot pepper of your pick. Plus we added the Jumbo hotdog or Portillo's dog to truly experience the savor of a genuine Chicago style hotdog.

Surprisingly, for me it was a great meal, the baguette was so rich in flavor and the fact that I was starving, I almost finished the entire meal.. waaah... my diet was being jeopardized once again. Not at all I envisioned how gratifying indeed eating this kind of hotdog. I did try plenty of dogs in my lifetime but I believe the Portillo's exceeded my expectations.

Polish Hotdog - charcoal grilled dog with relish, shredded onions, mustard, sliced red ripe tomatoes, pickles and peppers prepared with an utterly steamed poppy seed bun.


chubskulit said...


Dhemz said...

woi kalami ani sistah dear...bahala ma ruin and diet ta ani..dig in jud ko....ehhehe...amo sistah, we love quiznoz...lalo na tong chicken carbonara...mao na amo fave ni hubby...:)

sistah dear, kumusta man inyo weekend? nag shopping nasad ikaw? kami sistah, we spent most of our weekend sa balay lang..tapos we went to the asian store ganina...bought some filipino goodies...hehehe!

tapos yesterday nag yard cleaning me...nya d nako feel mag lakwatsa gahapon kay pwerte na kainit dire sista woi....as in...si AKesha sige na swimming sa iya kiddie pool...lisod ning layo ta sa tubig nya wala pa pool...hehehhe!

maau, pa mo sistah kay dine out man diay kamo every friday...ana man me sa una sistah pero amo na stop kay gastos man jud...lisod ning pobre kita...hehehe!

have missed you sistah...tuod naka balo nabka sa baby ni dangz Madz? I mean sa sex sa iya baby?

Cookie said...

looks very tasty. i hope to try this one out when I go back to visit chicago. sa illinois man gud akong mga relatives & stayed with them for a few months..and it's been a long time na that I haven't visited them, hahay..

Have a nice monday in there umma!

Tammy said...

Oh those look yummy! I'm hungry now!

Jasmine said...

I love Portillo's :D

yobib said...

Hi..comment lang po ha..looks delicious sana ang hotdogs kaya lang mukhang mahirap kainin..lalo na ng maarte kong wife..hehehe..blogger na rin ako..influenced by my addicted wife..! nice to be back!