Enjoy your Vacation with Manta Ride at SeaWorld

I cannot wait for our up-coming trip to Florida this summer to spend our much needed family vacation at SeaWorld. What I enjoy about SeaWorld is that, it provides what is needed to children of all ages. So if you are aspiring for some playful activities with kids this summer vacation, plan your holidays to Orlando where SeaWorld is the place that awaits you to enjoy the new tourist attraction thrill rides called, Manta.

In pursuit to attract more crowds, Seaworld is campaigning a contest where you could possibly win the "Front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando which is a great advantage knowing the waiting period to take a ride could be very lengthy. However, the contest is a no brainer, simply log on to your RideTheFlyingRay.com account and complete the 6 activities you will find in their site and bring on the chance of winning the pass.

Visualize the firsthand experience that brings you from being confined on all sides by thousands of fish and live rays to a breathtaking coaster ride wherein you will airborne, whirl and surge similar to a giant Manta. I guess nobody can combine the thrills and marine creatures into such one of a kind experience only SeaWorld could bring.

Go ahead visit their site now at RideTheFlyingRay.com and take part of this on-going contest to take advantage of the Front-of- the-line pass for Manta thrill rides.



iceah said...

wow! this looks great pero di kopa ipapatry ito sa anak ko :p

Seiko said...

Ay naku Mommy Umma hihimatayin ako sa mga ganyang rides...Ikaw sis..kaya mo yang mga rides na yan?
Anyway enjoy your trip to Florida.
Btw,how are you now a days?Hoping you're swimming in the ocean of good health as well as your family!Happw weekend Mommy!Hugs!