Fine Art Lamps and Lightings

I guess it's been a couple of months now that the home of my mother in law is under renovation. They are doing the make over for the ceilings, cabinetry and the bathroom fixtures, I feel like the list seems so endless once you started remodeling your house.

But what I noticed that gives a big difference is the lighting projects that are currently on-going. I believe lighting is essential when renovating your house for the reason that it can truly create an atmosphere inside your home aside from being evidently functional. However, my mom in law was been collecting fine art lamps where she hanged one of it from the ceiling that created the focal point of the living room while highlighting the hardwood floors.

In addition, she was actually asking my opinion concerning lighting accessories, so I tried to help her find some lighting fixtures to be added to her bedroom . My suggestion was to check the selection of George Kovacs lamps which are made of high quality contemporary lighting designs. I like the clean feeling demonstrated in the design of their lights. Im sure these type of light fixtures can bring dissimilar perspective on her entire lifestyle particularly the styles and designs that will give her home project a winner.

Indeed, beautifying your home with high quality items will contribute a great deal of attractiveness and admiration to your home value.


Seiko said...

You made the right choice for selecting Goerge Kovacs lamp sis,very attractive talaga!Magaling kang pumili ah!thumbs up!

Clarissa said...

Welcome back,Mommy Umma!! Alam kong pagod kayo sa biyahe at sa gala nyo sa Disney,pahinga muna ng marami!!^_^Post some pics, ok?

Anonymous said...

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