Happy Memorial Day!

W e're back from our 3 days long weekend holiday, was truly exhausted and my feet got swollen due to the long walk we did when we went to explore Disneyland. The place was so crowded you have to wait for 30 minutes to get in a ride or even take a picture with Minnie Mouse. The weather was hot but it got cooler after 5 pm. Whew! good thing we managed to wait that long though my little whiner kept on whining. Perhaps he was overly tired and sleepy from all the rush and bunch of crowds wandering around the place.

But we had a good time, though we were totally drained out physically. I guess the best time to visit is all the way through the offset of Fall as the weather condition will become more cooler with a gentle feel of breeze. Sorry guys, wasn't able to drop by your sites as I got over-fatigued with our trip. But will make sure to visit and drop a line very soon.


kikamz said...

hello dear! am happy to know that you enjoyed your vacation. will wait for the photos. in the meantime, get some rest. hope YL has stopped whining na. take care!

niko said...

am so excited to see lotsa pix mare koy!!

show us the cutie whiner YL! hehehe :)

Clarissa said...

Happy Memorial Day to you and your family,Mommy Umma!!Have a lot of rest muna dyan^_^