T he Mother's Day is over and we still have the season of "we" time because I cant get off my hands in playing my new toy, Wii.. this is actually my Mother's day gift from hubby. For many of us however the "we" is probably meant as Wii. I enjoyed playing tennis that leaves me to interact with a virtual surroundings thru a TV screen.

Actually, I've been wondering how the Nintendo Wii came up with its now famous toy, as I did my research.. Nintendo took that name Wii (for Wireless Interaction) because they believed, it is more easier to remember by every individual regardless where they came from or what native tongue they speak.

So even my YL could utter the words Wii at his tender age, it is indeed a clever idea in choosing that name,isnt it?

So Im hoping that once I started playing the Wii, my long quest in losing weight could give me some inspiration in seeing results. Dont wonder why I wanted to lose weight, I guess it is my obsession to maintain a healthy body and feel good about myself.

It draws curiosity where Mom is in the equation. I just got hooked for technology—couldn’t live without it. Let’s be " Wii " (read as we) this year.

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i guess you will my friend...it takes effort and using the Wii....gosh, it consumed our strength LOL....i have been playing the badminton and golf....dako man jud ako singgit kay out of this world man jud ang lugar nga dulaan kunohay.....island hopping diba? LOL! ambot kung si tiger woods ka experience ba ana....anyway, panington pud ta ug kuyawan sa dula hahaha...it surely can burn calories...hala padayon sa imo project gwapa ha

aw ngayon alam ko na kung baket lagi masakit katawan mo mare!! :)

enjoy ur new toy!! yeeey! heheh

i just heard about that yesterday..wala pa yata sa pinas nyan...i heard almost $400 daw yan?

naku Mommy sa presyo nyan dito e talagang papayat ka LOL

Make or Break

hello dangz, am sure lingaw jud ka sa imo new toy noh, actually thought of buying one for me pero ingon ko ni hubby nga treadmill nlng as christmas gift pra mbalik dayon ako lawas at least mga few months after ko manganak!!

Thanks for the visit and comments dangz, sensya if talagsa nlng ko ka visit, dako na jud ako tiyan ba then tapulan na ko...

woooo my baby is moving a lot at the moment while blog hopping heheheheheh... then mao pa paghuman namo kaon nka 2 plates jud ko heheheheh....

Been busy arranging baby's room today, quite tired jud, then nagluto pa ko dinner... will paint a new color diay sa room only after Monday after mlaman nmo the sex..

Musta nman ato beauty dha dangz, have really missed u na jud ba... how's life na? how's YL?

Take care dangz, hugs & kisses to YL... mwah mwah mwah

Haha!I know how it feels Mommy mahu-hook ka talaga dyan.Enjoy your new toy Mommy!:)
Btw,thank so so much for the friendly comment...have a nice day!

wow! I love to have a Wii sistah pero wala man ako kalaro kasi si hubby sabi nya old na daw sya for games hehehe

buy na lang ako Nintendo DSi hehehe

Belated Happy mothers Day nga pala Mommy & regards to your hubby,wondrin' how sweet & generous of him hihi...hugs!

wii is great to play, my son love to play wii

enjoy your new Wii,Mommy Umma!!maganda daw ang yoga sa wii--nakakapagbawas daw talaga ng timbang!!good luck!!^_^