Significant Progress in Advancing Cyro Cell

I believe most of us heard about the new study concerning the stem cells found in the umbilical cord which was being proven to treat more than 70 life threatening illness including leukemia and sick cell anemia.

However, the Cyro Cell International made a recent announcement about the effect of a new study indicating that adding together the menstrual blood stem cell (MenScs) to stem cells from umbilical cord extends the number of the progenitor cells (cells that grow into mature blood cells).These information were actually presented last May 5th 2009 at the International Society of Cellular Therapy 's Annual meeting held at San Diego, California.

Further, the recent CryoCell Press Release announced the potential of MenScs to boost the yield of the cord blood stem cells - a major advance with possible implications to the life-saving benefits of cord blood stem cells which maybe significantly increased by the utilization of this novel cell expansion technology. According to their findings, researchers trust that MenSCs may possibly use with cell based therapies in the future to treat serious condition such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other disorder suck as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Since the year 2007, Cyro Cell introduced their service called Ce'lle that endows women to collect and cyropreserved menstrual flow containing adult stem cells for potential use of first degree relatives in a fashion same as the umbilical cord blood stem cells.

I am so glad that Cyro Cell was able to came out of this kind of research to assist more individuals to battle life threatening disease. If you wish to find out more about MenSCs and their innovative service availability, you can log on to their website at Celle.com



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