Respect the Elders

I was caught dumbfounded by someone I know told me that he thought respecting our elders was a foolish act since not everyone is worthy to be respected for the reason of his/her age.

But how about merely displaying them politeness and common behavior? A concise explanation of a senior is, somebody who has lived longer than we do, so they have collected more knowledge, experiences and much wisdom. We don’t have to match with their wisdom, but recognizing that there may be some useful knowledge of information that comes from their experience sound gracious.

Likewise, I believe giving consideration to convey appreciation to a concerned elder who assisted in setting the way or care for you or a family member who came before you, such as a mother or uncle.

Our manners do make us a man. Kids must be accustom on how to behave properly from a very tender age. Educating them the right manners and conduct first start at home.


Dhemz said...

oh really..that's not nice at all...I think it is a good manner to respect the elders..not only elders...we should also give respect to each other and to our self...:)

dire bitaw sa US sistah no, na notice nako nga halos mga bata walay batasan...I mean just like hubby's nephews and nieces...most of them call him by his name...tapos among the in-laws out of 14..ako lang yung tumatawag na dad sa FIL ko....weird ano? hehehe!

I also notice..pag masiraan ka ng kotse in the middle of the street or freeway..walang hihinto to help you..sa pinas..nako dami pa mag volunteer to help...I think dito sa US kulang yung sign of respect tapos yung pagiging selfish....

amiable amy said...

hmmm....That is something foolish. Yan kasi nandito sa US na ugali, sa atin sa Pinas sampal aabutin...hehehe. Kidding aside, notice ko din iba ang ugali ng tao pag lumaki sa city gaya sa dati kung place, may mga tao talaga na walang modo. Iba pag nasa country, napaka family oriented mga tao dito at very courteous.