Our Ultimate Summer Vacation Plan at Kissimmee

I guess it's been two years since my family has taken a summer vacation after I got pregnant with my baby. I believe it's the right time to plan for a vacation since our toddler started treading all over our place now and it would be more fun to bring him along with us. I cannot envision a summer vacation without frolicking the beach. So we consider looking for the best summer destination where we can get an all over tan.

So the foremost thing to secure a great vacation is to plan ahead of time because it requires money and time. One place that caught my attention is the Kissimmee , home to world-famous theme parks and cool water parks with tons of attractions that would keep my family occupied. However, I would love to bring my summer clothes as well as my bikini because I learned that they have less than four water parks over there.

Aside from that, I've been dreaming to experience the wildlife on a swamp tours or scenic lake tour, or explore the air boat ride and eco adventures. The fun things to do are endless from dining to shopping or nature trekking. For my small family, the attraction of outdoor activities can be joyfully anticipated to start a fun vacation.

But one thing that makes Kissimme even more attractive is that Kissimmee is giving away weekend getaways as well as a week long vacations. The first draw was already held last April 1st and May 1st but there is still another drawing to be held on June 1st, 2009. The weekend getaways comprise of 3 days and 2 nights vacation for two or a week long vacations for four. So why not try yourself to enter the sweepstakes and get a free summer vacation at Kissimmee!

I am actually anticipating this summer to get a much needed vacation and I will keep you updated with our getaway. As might be expected, I'll surely take lots and lots of pictures so I can post it here and simultaneously you guys can relish the vacation right along with us.



niko said...

ay sama ako sa bakasyaon engrande niyo mare!! :)

amiable amy said...

wow...hahaha...mao nia ang dako nga bayad? Happy for you girl!

You will love Kissimmee are talaga girl, it is a metropolitan...everything is there...

katherine said...

Wow, very nice place..naa unta na diri oi...ug wow, oopsss you did it again..dako bayad..haha

BTW, naa ko award sa imo, hope grab mo girl

Dhemz said...

wow sistah...pwede ko kuyog sa imoa? hehehhe!

when man mo mag adto sa DL sistah? murag ok naman siguro igala kay murag namingaw naman ang swine flu sistah....been a long time nasad wako ka adto sa DL...4 years na...hehehe...woi when man nato to planohon ang DL meet up for Mommy bloggers..para sad magkita kits sad ta...hehehe...:)

Musta na diha sistah kung gwafa...unsa man handa nimo ganiha sa dinner? ako nag bake lang ko ug salmon sistah...tapos bake potato...simple ra..hehehe! kay busy ko pamilo man jud...:)

woi grabi sad ka diay kay take ka man ug sleeping pills...hehehe..agoy aywa permiha sistah kay ang side effects nato..so normal na imo sleep time diay sistah? d naka late ma tog?

Abi nako ug nag laag mo atong weekend...skip diay ang shopping spree mo? hehehhe...

woi check ko daw ang imo nga business mo sistah...blog sad unta na nimo para daghan ka dayon commission...hehehhe! joke!

woi atong sunday children's bday party man to,,mingaw man ang kaon...chips and cake raman...d man sad ko mahilig sa cake...hehhehe...lahi pag pinoy nga party kay daghan kaon...ka co-worker ni banana sistah..bday sa iya bata...:)

woi sisge kay wala pako ka bloghop..una sako dire...hehehe...:)

hala..ba bye na..miss you...au-au diha ha...mwah!

Nath said...

wowww.... It's a great location for vacation...and I love swimming..
It's gonna be fun i there ;)