The Unstable Situation of US Malls

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B ad news to the frequent mall goers like me. Did you know that the 2nd biggest mall operator in the country is filing for bankruptcy?

You heard it right! The General Growth Properties, which handles a great number of malls (approx. 1,500) throughout the country is currently facing $25 billion in liability. Lot of malls are being switched into offices or just left to darkness after 10 years of being unoccupied. I just hope that this is not the end of the mall era otherwise what should a teenager do with the absence of malls where you can purchase shoes, cookies and even bra - all in one stop shop at one time.

The mall was part of a crucial event related to our teenage years. So what is your fave or unpleasant mall memories?


niko said...

oh my!! is it true??? nakupo sadness naman!!

dito mare andaming SM Malls! parang kabute na nga sa dami eh.. pero u know nmn na super love i boyeng ang malls kasi dun super likot sya at dmi nia nkkta.. sana namanmakasurvive sila pra sa mga apo nten :)

i have to finish something mare.. urgent eh. yena and fafa are at home bonding. ayaw pasama ni yobib si yena sa ofc kasi sobrang unpredictable ang weather dito.. naku right now nga ang lakas ng ulan dito makati eh!

kya nga un rin mare.. i can take a leave nmn marami pa ko VL ang prob is kung ppyagan ng boss hahah :)

will see mare.. every month nmn na sya alis so masasanay na ko diba? hahah ;)

naku mare yang stiff neck na yan kakaloka yan sobra! hahah :) super landi kc ng asawa ko nahahwa lng tlga ako hahah

san kau this weekend?? enjoy ha! mwah mwha mare koy!

Seiko said...

Because of the crisis that whole world are facing now & deflations everywhere hindi tuloy maavoid ang continues bankruptcy not even a small companies around the world...sigh..kailan kaya ulit magkakaroon ng infaltion?

Manang Kim said...

Yes I heard that too...sad but it is a reality. I guess we haven't hit the real depression yet.