Favorite Blog Award

I 've been keeping a low profile for a while because my time was being occupied by my little boy who is now 16 months old and been very mobile and super active. We enrolled him in a gym class so he can interacts with other toddlers his age at the same time, he will be able to explore the outside world around him.

Knowing that he enjoys so much playing with other kids, makes the mommy in me to encourage him to participate romping in the playroom. Indeed, it was a good decision in putting him to this class as he was able to overcome his shyness and be more sociable.

Anyway, Mommy Kikamz awarded me this tag earlier today. I've been thinking what post I need to write and this is one arrived in a timely manner. Thanks Mommy Kamz for giving me this award, I really appreciate your thoughts. Mommy Kamz is one of the friendliest person I met in the blogosphere, you should pop over to check her site.


joy said...
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niko said...

aw. kamz is really sweet!! love her too mare! :)

i know ur already sleeping.. silip mo yeng sa blog ko ha. suot nia na ung dress heheh.

sleep tight mare ko! mwah mwah

Beth said...

Hi Ums, I'm back here.

For all you know, YL will be what parenting experts say "Terrible Two!". Kaya sobrang likot na talga niya :) Di bale, running after him naman will be an exercise na din, right> :)

Umz {^o^} said...

Hi Joy.. will add your name on my entry then.. thanks for including me in your tag. I really appreciate it.

Umz {^o^} said...

Hi mareng Niks.. I already checked Yena's picture mare.. was surprised to see her looks so grown up wearing that dress.
Will get back to you later. mwah

Umz {^o^} said...

Hi Rose, no I wasnt mad at you.. I was just quite for a while due to busy schedule of my little guy. will see u often. Thanks for always dropping by.

Umz {^o^} said...

Hello Kamz...glad to know that Sam is getting mobile now. Im sure you're having hard time chasing her especially in the mall.

That's how my little guy is doing too. He doesnt want to be held by hands once walking outside.. murag korek sad hahaha.
Thanks for the visit as always.

Umz {^o^} said...

Hi Beth, thanks for dropping by. I can just agree with all of that..now that YL is walking. All you can hear from me is the word 'NO' hahaha

guess, its part of his growing up, one curious little hands that dont keep still in one corner,always wander around.