Andrea McNulty Files Lawsuit, Claims Ben Roethlisberger Assault

ben roethlisberger assault-ben roethlisberger news-andrea mcnulty photo
T he Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champ, Ben Roethlisberge was being served by a civil complaint filed by Andrea McNulty accusing him of sexual assault that occurred on July 2008.

But the attorneys of the NFL star claimed the frivolous charges are fictitious as both parties are in illicit sexual relationship at that time and emphasized that it was strictly based on mutual consent.

Andrea McNulty who works at the Harrah's Casino initiated the civil lawsuit asserting that Ben Roethlisberger requested her to come to his hotel room to fix the TV but when she got there, she was forced to perform sex against her will.

Therefore, Roethlisberger is being confronted with various civil charges that include sexual assault, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress , false imprisonment and false pretenses.

So keep up for the latest updates about this hullabaloo very soon.

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