starbucks free pastry day
Getting Starbucks coffee before going to work is a normal routine for us, so we are delighted to learn about their clever maneuver promotion of giving away free pastry coupon.

You heard it right, Starbucks the Seattle-based coffee mega-chain is currently disseminating an online coupon that offers a FREE pastry with a purchase of whatever beverage on Tuesday 21st of July, and will ends till 10:30 am.

I find this offer so irresistible, knowing my addiction of sweets but as what they said, calories are cheap gaining lbs are costly. So if you are one coffee lover with a fond for your sweet tooth, check out the store locator page found in

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laway man ko ani sistah,,,,naa pa diha bilin? hhehhee....ruined na sad diay ang diet ta sistah...don;t worry dali raman sad nimo ma shed..kay oks man ka ug metabolism....:)

musta naman akong pretty nga sistah? hope all is well...just dropping by to say hello...have missed you! mwah!

hope I could have one of these..i am sure to have a good time in Starbucks..given my love for coffee..kaya lang wala namang starbucks dito sa davao..huhuhuh..