Apartment Rental Listings from iPhone App Store

Looking for an apartment with median price is such a hassle but not anymore when using the unique features of your iPhone, just download MyNewPlace App that could provide relevant rental information from your local area or across the US.

Not long ago before we bought our own house, just thinking back the time we were looking for a townhouse/apartment was really exhausted for us. Considering the time and efforts you need to invest when searching for a place that suits your needs and budget.

At least for now, if you are contemplating to move in another place you can get easy access by checking out http://www.mynewplace.com/iphone and you'll find more than 6 million rental homes and apartments available for rent in cities throughout the US.

Its so easy to use, just enter the zip code together with your price reference plus search criteria like how many bedrooms, baths or any amenities and you'll see filtered list of townhouses, apartments, and other properties available for rent. Complete with pictures and information for your reference that keeps you organize in jotting notes which apartment appeals to you the most.

However, you can use GPS feature from your iPhone when looking for apartments in the neighborhood or you can search for city, state and zip code respectively.

Searching for a perfect apartment is still a daunting task for you, go to MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store and download their service for free and let them be your guide to complete the experience.



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