Singer Billy Joel Dating Soap Star Alex Donnelley

Barely a month after singer Billy Joel separated from his 3rd wife Katie Lee, he is now dating the German actress Alex Donnelley, the 49 years old erstwhile star of "The Young and Restless". Reports said, the pair hit it off instantly after meeting backstage at one of Billy Joel's concerts.

Having mentioned that, Billy Joel is actually traveling with Elton John for a series of US concert tour this summer.

After being married three times, Billy Joel has finally found a new love, somebody who is at his age level. He was married in the 70's to his manager Elizabeth Weber for 9 years then tied the knot with famous model Christie Brinkley and his last marriage to Katie Lee, who was then 23 years old when they married.
Billy Joel and Alex Donneley as a couple- Alex Donneley picture

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