Daisy of Love Reunion

T he winner of Daisy of Love is finally revealed, Joshua Lee aka London won the heart of Daisy de la Hoya , the main star of VH1 reality TV show after the finale was shown last night.

Daisy of Love is a reality dating show that featured the star of Daisy de la Hoya who was the second best winner of another reality dating show Rock of Love 2. The show was packed with hormonal guys who like to wear makeup and filled with some insane stunts. Last night the show ended with a finale where Daisy choose one person amongst the final 3 guys - London, Flex and 12 Pack whom she felt more connection.

I just hope that their relationship will last a lifetime but I doubt it knowing the curse surrounding the reality TV shows for couples, never heard any of them being successful.
are daisy and london still together-Daisy of Love reunion
daisy of love-daisy de la hoya

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