Stephen Murray Crash video

C heck out the dreadful crash video of the professional BMX rider Stephen Murray that happened 2 years ago. He was seriously injured after ramming his bike during the BMX finals of the Panasonic Open. He was rushed to the hospital after the accident and undergone numerous operations as he broke his neck and is now a quadriplegic person.

You can watch the video of the crash below that resulted his arms and legs being paralyzed.


kittykat said...

Sis..i have trouble viewing the video..huhuhu..i can't see a thing..but I love X-treme sports I use to watch it with my brither before..those people engaging in it are daredevils..some even die because of their dangerous stunts..

Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Mei Nue Umma, I'm in Singapore. Hubby took the new job already. I'm here a short while only before going back to KL. How are you?? Your blogs are so different now. Errr...May I know why the sudden change?