itunes trojan horse small.bog

I cannot leave our house without my iPod or iTunes gadget, but lately I find it alarming why the AVG anti-virus software is detecting iTunes file and identifying it as trojans specifically with the DLL files from iTunes folder. But good thing, AVG is giving a false positive and the issue could be fixed easily by adding an exception in AVG. Just follow these steps below are you are set and ready to open your iTunes once again.

1. Open AVG software -Click Tools > Advanced Settings

2. Go to Resident Shield and Click Exceptions -> Add Path

3. Choosing the iTunes software folder C:\Program Files\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iPod
4. Click on the iTunes folder and select "OK."
5. On the next screen, click "Apply."
6. Then exit the AVG software.

After doing the above steps, turn off the computer for a re-start and open your iTunes.

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