Bank your Babies Cord Blood for Less

B anking your baby's umbilical cord is one useful way to help a sibling with illness in the future. Though saving their cord blood is a personal decision, it can be used to treat a family member with sickness through a stem cell transplant including sickle cell disease, leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma,or thalassemia or some type of anemia and other 75 known diseases.

Whenever a healthy stem cells are transferred into your sibling who is suffering from illness, those cells can actually grow or develop new bone marrow cells to supplant or rather replace the one that is being destroyed by its treatment or by the disease itself.

Understanding cord blood banking
The blood left inside the umbilical cord after birth is known as the cord blood that contains stem cells. These cells are valuable to provide treatment for some known diseases because of their capacity to grow and develop into various type of cells, such as blood cells or brain cells and bone marrow.

However, after the cord has been cut and clamped, the blood is drawn from the umbilical cord. Since most of us are clueless about the usage of umbilical cord, we normally throw it after birth but the blood inside the cord can be banked or saved and feasible for potential use.

There are lot of blood cord banks available in the market today but one that stands out above the rest is Cryo-Cell, a family cord bank leader which is more widely known of its reputable accreditation compare to other privately owned cord blood bank.

Though it could be hard for each family to consider their own personal choices while balancing family budget, Cyro-Cell cooperates effectively to help families easing their financial load by offering an exclusive premium family service.

This service is called "Protect Baby, Protect Mom", once you choose to enroll online you can get a huge discount by using their promotional code:995PS. Thus you can avail the special UCORD pricing of $995 for testing, processing and first year of storage plus the cancellation fee is waived. But you need to act now because this offer expires at midnight 26th of July 2009.

One more thing, you can choose to enroll in the Exclusive C’elle Service or the Signature UCORD Service for one Low price of $1299 and use the Promo code:P2PS.


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