Jill and Kevin Heinz youtube Dancing Down the Aisle

Have you seen the Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson youtube dancing down the aisle video? You must watch it because you will be delighted or maybe carried away to dance as well. It was totally out of this world that one couple would turned their most unforgettable moment into a lavish dance routine entrance that dominated their wedding party.

It was actually fun and something unique that will certainly leave a mark in everyone's memory. However, their wedding took place at the Christ Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Minnesota and their guests were greatly surprised by the performance.

The couple decided to share their happy moments to the whole world by uploading their video in youtube. Check the video below.

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kittykat said...

woist sis..we have the same post ah..hehehe..i find their wedding very amusing as well..if one day I do get married I would want to make something unique so that it will be as interesting as well..

bout my plans to work abroad..i got an invitation to apply for work in Rome, Italy..kinda excited about it..love to work their..please pray that I will get the position..