Jamal Bana Death Photos

Below are the pictures of Jamal Bana, the 20 year old young man who was been missing for months from his Minneapolis home. Last July 11th, a family friend called his parents telling them to check a particular website where it was showing the dead body of Jamal being shot in the head thousand miles away in Somalia.

His family here in US is still dealing with the influencing factor that accompanied his death in the country where his parents bolted, a chaotic country wrecked with violence and turmoil.

His death according to the FBI is partly caused by the sweeping federal investigation into a recruitment effort in the US by Al-Shabaab, a Somali terrorist group connected to Al Qaeda. It was reported that in recent months, more than a dozen young men of Somali descendant have vanished from the Minneapolis where 3 people with the inclusion of Bana, were already terminated in Somalia.

Jamal Bana was taking up Engineering course at the local colleges and the eldest son from the broad of seven. But last fall, an unfortunate event happened to him as he mysteriously vanished without warning.
Jamal Bana photos-jamal bana death pictures
Jamal Bana photos-jamal bana death pictures

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