Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance

W hat do you think of Katie Holmes's supposedly big performance on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance earlier? She performed dancing to the song of "Come On Get Happy" as her tribute to Judy Garland and being choreograph by Dion Beebe and Tyce Diorio.

First of all, I was really expecting something different from Katie Holmes that could swept my feet off. Granted she looks fabulous but I didn't like the sound of her wretched voice between lip synching and the dubbing as it sounded so contrived and odd to me.

Aside from that, I was dissatisfied with the choreography, she seemed like she was just walking and strutting on the stage. All she did was to glide her feet, pose here and there, I guess she should focus on her acting career and rearing Suri..

Im sure she could have done it more better than I expected. It's only my opinion, how about you, what do you think of her performance?
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Cecile said...

hmmm, i wonder why she has big eyebugs. musta na ka dear, dugay wa ko ka visit dire uy, busy na naman kasi ako eh. ikaw musta na ang pinagkaka busy han mo?

hope you are doing fine.:-)

kittykat said...

I love her hair sis..she looks more mature with the shorter do..

Anonymous said...

Katie Holmes would have never got the ticket to Vegas. She can't dance. But that's OK! Tom can't act. Let's wait and see if their little girl's got talent.