Vibram FiveFingers Shoes Recreate the natural sensation of running barefoot

The cool Vibram FiveFingers Shoes is the new product from Vibram which is being designed for people who prefer running barefoot. They are reportedly selling like hot cakes as they seem to look like comfortable and interesting.

Obviously, running barefooted seems to be more effective than running with shoes on, according to most athletes and coaches backed by scientific evidence. Running barefoot can makes you land your forefoot directly which gives you greater balance, more stability, greater propulsion and lesser impact. And that is the purpose of the Vibram FiveFingers which are designed to enhance equilibrium, strength and nimbleness.

This cool designed products can actually help you lower the risk of injuries thus improve your running efficiency as it delivers sensory feedback.

If you are interested in wearing these shoes, it is recommended to consult your doctor first. Also these products are not suitable for people who struggle from severe pronation or supronation.

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