Lawyer Todd Genger Busted in Child Predator Sting

Todd Genger
W hat a big blow for the Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs as one of their team lawyer, Todd Genger is being charged luring an underage teen with denotative chat on the Internet.

Todd Genger was arrested in an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend perverts who make sex solicitation with young girls. But unknowingly, the girl he was chatting with in the chat room is actually an undercover investigator posing as an underage teen. Genger, a Manhattan resident even went to travel all the way to Westchester fulfilling his desire to consummate the cyber-affair.

What a disgrace knowing the fact that Genger, 33 is a married guy with 3 kids of his own. Obviously, being married with 3 beautiful kids plus a high profile career were not enough to make him satisfy so he went online chatting with underage girls that include explicit sexual acts.

Once Todd Genger is convicted, he'll be facing 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison and likely his law license will be revoked.

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