Carry on Luggage Bags and Travel Accessories

T here's no doubt that a lot of people still keep their luggage for more than a decade before ditching them and buy for a new replacement. But good thing that more suitcases are now made of sturdy materials that can endure the rough handling of airlines.

When I was single, I used to travel a lot and I've seen repeatedly what could happen to suitcases that are packed poorly and made of an inferior quality materials. Undoubtedly, they often end up with a strew clothes and stuff all over the baggage carousel or they come down the chute with straps, wheels or handles missing.

So to keep away from stress or a major luggage malfunction, choosing the right luggage can go a long way. Not long time ago, I bought the Hartmann luggage and Tumi Luggage and they never give me disappointment. My hubby loves using the Hartmann garment bag every time he goes for business trip because they are spacious to fill in his travel accessories like toiletries, shoes and suit. Apart from that, his clothing reaches destination almost wrinkle free and ready to go.

Since we are contemplating to get a cruise vacation next summer, perhaps adding a couple of luggages will accommodate our belongings when traveling. I saw these Briggs and Riley luggage collections and I believe these are perfect size traveling bags that could last for years so we can enjoy a more stress-free romantic vacation or getaway.

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