Natalie Smith is Tony Romo's New Girlfriend (Photos)

A fter dumping Jessica Simpson on the day before her 29th birthday, Tony Romo was been caught up with another woman months before they headed to splitsville. The Dallas Cowboy quarterback is enjoying what they call an "emotional affair" with a hot blonde, Natalie Smith while still dating Jessica Simpson according to reports.

The 22 year old Natalie Smith is the daughter of a fellow athlete director at Eastern Illinois University which happened to be Romo's Alma mater and a skinnier, younger version of Jessica.

Poor Jessica, I guess she is so unlucky when it comes to her heart as she cannot hold a relationship for long. Maybe she needs to concentrate more on her career for the meantime as its been while her fans haven't heard her songs raking the airwaves or maybe her movies hitting the box office.

Tony Romo Natalie Smith picture - Tony Romo new girlfriend
natalie smith tony romo

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kittykat said...

Oh my!!that's so sad..after being dumped by her husband Nick Lache' now this one..poor girl..hope she finds someone who will treat her right..