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T he Caster Semenya photos - Caster Semenya photos are trending like wildfire over the net today after her supremacy in the 800m to 1500 m heats at 2009 World Championship in Athletics. She is being labeled as the fastest sprinter this year especially in the 800m heats.

caster semenya photos
However, there is one controversy surrounding Caster Semenya's victory as her sexuality was being challenged by the Association of Athletics Federations. In my personal observation, how many female athletes who actually look like male or have the physique of men and wrestle all kind of sports ranging from boxing to soccer? There are too many to enumerate sports persons who are flat chested and more manly like Semenya, isn't it? And one point, did you see any bulge in front of her just like Lady Gaga?

This kind of innuendo about "Semenya is actually a man" is not only unpleasant but sounds like a racist to me. Why not the world just accept that a better woman excelled on her field and learn to welcome defeat amicably rather than coming up with some sort of lame excuses not appropriate for a real sportsman.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I totally agree with you. I feel bad for her. Just because she is athletic, flat chested and a bit muscular it doesn't mean that she is a man. Why is it that people always try to pull each other down. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be able to do what she does and people should concentrate on that instead of trying to pull her down and even question her sexuality.=)